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Double Your Pleasure with me and my real life girlfriend.

Only available these 2020 dates:

Feb 29

March 5, 11

April 1,16,29

May 13, 21

I consider myself a true student of exploration, a free spirit, and a lover of passion. I am educated and responsible; qualities you will sense immediately. Accomplished author with post graduate degrees. I enjoy stimulating conversation and times where verbal conversation isn't necessary.  I discovered early in life that there is nothing more strong and feminine than enjoying what I would like when I would like.  With a secure role that is extremely stress free, adaptable, and aware, your enjoyment becomes my own and mine, yours.

My reasons for enjoyment of sensual company is uniquely my own in which I'm happy to share details. I love encountering new friends on this journey and would hope you enjoy the same. I can be nothing but genuine. If we were to meet I'm sure you would find me pleasing to the eye and responsive in unmistakable ways. 


I surround myself with affluent and sophisticated counterparts to enrich my life and allow us to create meaningful and passionate relationships. I feel a real connection is paramount in this, but a non-traditional relationship must be the foundation. 

I change my hair color from brunette to blonde and currently a dark-haired beauty. I was formally known as Jayde Knight but happy to now be Jayde Little. :) I am excited to tell you why!